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MRI Cardiac Course

March 2022

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The cardiac MRI course on current techniques and principles is a practical and comprehensive modular training, organized by Affidea to all radiographers, radiologists, cardiologists, and radiologists/ cardiologists in training.

This is the first online cardiac MRI course totally dedicated to the technical concepts of the cardiac MRI scanning.

The course was specifically designed for radiographers and cardiac imagers interested in understanding more about the practical concepts of cardiac MRI scanning tips & tricks, techniques and protocols.

The course is based on 17 online learning modules and each week a new module is released in the learning platform covering several aspects of cardiac MRI from patient preparation, sequences and protocols, gating, dedicated late gadolinium, flow imaging, stress studies, mapping techniques and congenital CMR.

Whether you are new to cardiac MR or want to deepen your knowledge about the technical concepts of CMR, this modular learning course will provide you with the best knowledge delivered by international experts in the cardiac MRI field.


At the end of this course a certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants with recorded online attendance.


This first edition is exclusively for Affidea Group staff and the registration is free of charge.


This course will have the following modules:

  1. Patient preparation and Safety in MRI studies (1)
  2. Patient preparation and safety in MRI studies (2)
  3. CMR Sequences and protocols
  4. Cardiac Gating and Respiratory Gating
  5. Cardiac Anatomy
  6. Bright Blood and Black Blood – Deep Dive
  7. Late Gadolinium/Myocardial Delayed Enhancement
  8. LGE in Ischaemic Heart Disease – A radiologist’s perspective
  9. CMR scanning demo
  10. Flow imaging – from standard to 4d flow
  11. Adenosine and Regadenoson – stress studies
  12. CMR scanning demo
  13. CMR scanning demo – Artefact recognition and Image Optimization
  14. T1, T2 & T2* mapping
  15. CVI T1/T2 mapping & T2*
  16. Congenital MRI – a cardiologist’s perspective
  17. The application of post-processing tools in various pathologies

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Organizing Committee:

Alessandro Roncacci – Senior Vice President CMO, Affidea Group
Diana Penha – Cardiac Subspeciality Lead, Affidea Group
Trevor Sparkes –  External Advisor for Clinical Learning & Education, Affidea Group
Marina Gerszewska – Medical physicist, Affidea Group
Inês Ferreira – Marketing Specialist, Affidea Portugal
Jacinta Rodrigues –  Marketing Manager, Affidea Portugal
João Gama – Portugal MR Specialist, Affidea Portugal
Lazlo Réfi – Hungary MR Excellence Key Radiographer, Affidea Hungary



Course Director:

Diana Penha


Course Developer:

Trevor Sparkes
Jacinta Rodrigues
Inês Ferreira


Invited Speakers:


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